Baringo county is situated in former Rift valley province. The County borders Turkana and Samburu to North, Laikipia to East and West Pokot to the West. The County covers an area of 11,015.3Km2 with a population of 555,561 (population census 2009) of which 279,081 are male and 276,480 are female consisting of 103,734 households KNBS (2013)

The county is classified as arid and semi arid. Most parts of East Pokot, Baringo Central, Baringo North, Mogotio Districts are arid and semi arid. The temperatures range from a minimum of 10°C to a maximum of 35°C in different parts of the county. The rainfall varies from 1,000mm to 1,500mm in the highlands to 350mm to 600mm per annum in the lowlands. The dry seasons are in the months of january, february and March, Long rains in April, May, June and July and the short rain seasons are in August, september, October and November

County Agro-Ecological Zones

Zone County Sub-Region
LM5, &6 Kollowa,Churo, Salawa,Barwessa
LH2, UM4& LM3 Along the Tugen hills zone
Tropical Alpine (UH:LH:LM1) Mumberes, upper Eldama Ravine and  Torongo
Baringo county is a beneficiary of the World Bank funded RPLRP, Kenya.

Baringo County has six Sub-Counties namely, Baringo central, Baringo North, Marigat, Tiaty, Mogotio and Koibatek. The county is made up of six Sub counties namely: Mogotio, Eldama Ravine, Baringo South, Baringo Central, Baringo North and Tiaty. The Sub counties are further divided into 30 wards.

The project is livestock based and will address issues of enhancing pastoral livelihoods resilience. Among other things the project will address problems of water availability for pastoralists, markets for livestock and products, livestock diseases, resource based conflicts and alternative livelihoods.

Borehole vandalised as a result of cattle rustling in Loruk area.

Cattle rustling in the area has always been resource based (Pasture and Water).The project will invest in peace building initiatives to end cattle rustling, pasture development as well as water infrastructure development and rehabilitation.

Achievements under thematic areas

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    1.     Kipsogon/Mogotio borehole (New water resource)

Location     Mogotio Sub County      Mogotio Ward      Kipsogon Village

Latitude 0.03561 Longitude 35.95346

start date 01/10/2016     Completion date 19/11/2018

Beneficiaries male 2051 female1988

Yield 8m3 /hr

2.     Ng’aratuko/Ng’osuonin borehole  (New water resource)

Baringo North Sub county            Kipsaraman Ward            Riron/Ng’osuonin Village

Latitude 0.71147               Longitude 35.96549

Start date 01/10/2016    Completion date 19/11/2018

Beneficiaries      Male 1294           Female 1434

Yield      2m3 /hr

3.     Ngaina/Taparara water pan  (New water resource)

Tiaty sub county               Tirioko Ward      Taparara Village

Latitude 1.46686               Longitude 35.77391

Start date 01/10/2016    Completion date 30/5/18

Beneficiaries      Male 1600           Female2890

Yield 23,275 m3

4.     Burtum Water pan  (New water resource)

Baringo North Sub County           Saimo Soi Ward                 Bartum Village

Latitide 0.71305 Longitude 36.09416

Start date 08/01/2018    End date 06/02/2021

Beneficiaries      Male 1678           Female 2322

Capacity               23,275 m3

 5.     Lelmen Hay shed  (Fodder conservation)

Baringo Central Sub County         Kabarnet Ward                                 Lelmen Village

Latitude 0.54771               Longitude 35.64767

Start date 01/01/2017    Completion date              19/11/2018

Beneficiaries      Male 1250           Female 1193

Capacity               25,000 Bales

 6.     Kamar Hay shed  (Fodder Conservation)

Mogotio Sub county       Emining Ward    Kamar Village

Latitude               0.24773 Longitude            36.01251

Start date            10/09/2019         Completion date

Capacity               10,000 Bales


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