Livelihoods Support

Livelihoods Support

The purpose is to enhance the livelihoods of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the project area through provision of affordable Livestock Health Services, Feed and fodder production, breed improvement and promotion of alternative livelihoods.

Activities under this component will be of a national nature such as income diversification, fodder/feed production, animal health, breed improvement, processing non-livestock products and the investment in irrigated dry area farming. However, some interventions with a regional dimension have been identified. For instance support to harmonized and synchronized vaccination campaigns against Trans-Boundary Animal Diseases. Similarly, it will work on regional genetic improvement and conservation of regional breed through harmonized breeding strategies for the animal genetics.

The project will carry out the following activities to achieve this aim:

  1. Equipping of laboratories for effective disease surveillance and enhanced capacity of communities towards early disease detection.
  2. Synchronized Vaccination for the control of PPR, CBPP, CCPP and FMD.
  3. Establishment and strengthening of indigenous breed societies of zebu cattle, red Maasai sheep, Gala goat and Camels.
  4. Develop irrigation schemes for fodder production where there are permanent water sources.
  5. Construct hay sheds for Pasture banks.
  6. Support for alternative livelihoods like poultry production and beekeeping

Key achievements so far:

  1. Development of the pest management plan that will guide the process of vaccination of the transboundary animal diseases
  2. Development of a national strategy and Action plan for the management of animal genetic resources
  3. Procurement of vaccines for PPR,FMD,CCPP and CBPP
  4. Procurement of consultant for camel disease done and study ongoing.
  5. Characterization of the Kuchi chicken, Black head Persian, Somali Camel, Northern Frontier Zebu and Galla Goat
  6. Procurement of pasture seeds done
  7. Roll out of three pastoral field schools
  8. Surveillance of the TADs (PPR,CBPP,CCPP and FMD)

Future plans

  1. Design of the irrigation schemes and construction
  2. Design and rehabilitation of breeding centres
  3. Rehabilitation and construction of laboratory facilities
  4. Roll out of community breeding schemes for indigenous breeds
  5. Construction of hay storage facilities